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Anest Iwata

Brings to the market a wide range of equipment for the spraying of liquid coatings.

These may be for automotive uses; both at production and at refinish levels, for the application of decorative building coatings and for furniture spraying.


If you need to spray it, think Anest Iwata, specialists in spraying.



IWATA AZ3HTE218C                                               

Gravity feed air-spray gun with high transfer efficiency control 
■ 1.8mm Fluid size nozzle
■ High transfer efficiency 
■ Ideal for waterborne coatings
■ Stainless steel nozzle and needle 
■ New concept multi hole air cup 
■ PTE teflon needle packing
■ Low air consumption 
■ Gun weight 570g



Supernova Clearcoat Gun epitomizes the perfect balance of modern spray gun design and engineering 
■ 1.3mm Fluid size nozzle 
■ Brand new innovative design
■ Delivers a constant droplet size
■ Has a flat and even fan pattern 
■ Reduces common isuues such as
boil and pin holding
■ This new superior model takes spraying
 of modern water based basecoats and
HS Clear Coats to another level.




Centre post gravity feed air-spray gun with
high transfer efficiency control and superior atomisation.
■ Less over-spray = less wastage
■ Fine atomisation spray pattern
■ More paint coverage - fast operation
■ New lightweight ergonomic design; Gun head weight 
   only 380g
■ Suitable for both solvent and water-borne coatings
■ Easy to clean chrome body
■ Ideal for medium to large paint jobs in the auto refinish industry.


IWATA NEW77.3                                                    

Suction gun head with low air consumption 
■ 2.5mm Fluid size nozzle 
■ Well balanced general purpose spray gun 
■ Comfortable to use 
■ Excellent manoeuvrability 
■ Medium to large paint jobs 
■ Weight 550g




IWATA W200202S                                                  

Suction gun head ideal for waterborne materials
■ 2.0mm Fluid size nozzle 
■ High transfer efficient - greater than 65% onto the job 
■ Even paint coverage - fast operation 
■ Light weight - ergonomic design 
■ Ideal for waterborne materials 
■ Easy cleaning 
■ Medium to large jobs 
■ Gun head weight 380g 

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