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We carry a massive range of 3m products, from sand paper and discs, scouring pads, speed files, tapes, films, personal protective equipment and more.




3M 255P

These gold discs are constructed of a high performance aluminium oxide grain on a lighter weight backing paper. Cuts fast, lasts long and leaves a consistent finish.

Griut sizes available: 80/100/120/150/180/220/240/280/320/360/400/500



3M 260L Hookit Discs

These discs are constructed of a high performance, aluminum oxide mineral bonded to a smooth film backing. Cuts fast, lasts long, resists loading and leaves a consistent finish. Primarily used for scuff sanding before painting, as well as to remove runs, dust, nibs and excess orange peel from paint and gelcoat prior to compounding.

Grit Sizes available: 600/800/1000/1200/1500



3M Softback Sanding Sponges

An innovation in coated abrasives for hand sanding applications. Features aluminum oxide mineral coated on a foam pad with a waterproof bonding system. Coated on one side for maximum flexibility, these sanding sheets are designed to conform to corners, mouldings and other hard to reach areas. Innovatively constructed for use wet or dry these pads cut fast and can be washed by hand for a prolonged life

Grit sizes available: Medium/Fine/Superfine/Ultrafine



3M Scotch-Brite Rolls

Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning products quickly and efficiently deburr, clean, blend and finish a wide variety of materials - while maintaining dimensional integrity and improving surface quality.



3M R6211 Respirator

The 3M R6211 respirator is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. The half-facepiece offers protection against paint spray,pesticides and organic vapor.The whole assembly consists of : 1 each 3M Half Facepiece 6200 , 1 pair of 3M Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001, 2 pair of 3M Particulate Filter 5P71, P95 and 1 pair of 3M Filter Retainer 501.



3M 7503 Respirator

This half facepiece reusable respirator 7500 Series uses advanced silicone material to help provide comfortable and durable respiratory protection. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps make breathing easier and can reduces heat and moisture build-up for cool, dry comfort.



3M 9312 Dust Respirator

P1 filter for mechanically generated particles.

Unique 3-panel design fits a wide range of face sizes. Low profile and provides good field of vision. Nose foam made of sweat absorbent material, soft on the skin and compatibility with eyewear to reduce risk of misting. Even strap pressure improves comfort on the neck, face and head with a secure feel. Twin-strap design and individually wrapped.



3M 8710 Dust Mask

■ P1 rated for Dust and Mists

■ Great for sanding, grinding, drilling, cutting etc

■ Available in packs of 20 masks or singles


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