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Tips for spraying with Aerosols

Here we offer some tips and tricks to help you through your repairs using ColorPak Aerosols.

With the right technique, you can produce a professional-quality finish, and it's easier than you may think.

Click here for Spraying Tip Sheet



colorpak Etch Primer

Single pack epoxy etching primer with excellent adhesion to all metals. Excellent anti-corrosion and mar-resistant qualities. Compatible with most topcoats eg 2 pack urethanes, epoxies, chlorinated rubber, lacquers and enamels. Touch dry 5 minutes, dry to handle in 20 minutes and can be recoated in one hour. May be used as a single product finish coating for interior use or for exterior exposure for 3-4 months. It has a matt finish.

Available in: 

■ White

■ Oxide

■ Grey

■ Black



colorpak Primer Filler + Primer Surfacer

Primer Filler Gold: A fast drying, high build one step spray Primer Filler/Surfacer which can be used over bare steel, body filler and fibreglass repair and minor damage such as stone chips and pitting.

Primer Surfacer Grey: A grey, fast drying, easy sanding, high build primer and filler designed for priming and filling over bare steel and body fillers.  Also for use on stop and finishing putties, fibreglass repairs, scratches, minor surface imperfections and stone chips.




colorpak fast dry enamel

An exceptionally fast drying spraying enamel with excellent spraying characteristics. Good coverage and durability. Dust free 5-10 minutes. Touch dry 15-30 minutes. Hard dry 6-12 hours. Depending on build and drying conditions.

Available in: 

■ Gloss Black

■ Gloss White

■ Satin Black

■ Wheel Silver

■ Chrome Silver


colorpak Professional acrylic

A premium full covering, air dry acrylic lacquer for automotive metal parts, panels, motorbike parts, bicycles, marine and many general applications. For best adhesion to non ferrous metals prime with Pro Series Etch Primer and ferrous metals with Pro Series Primer Surfacer Grey.

Available in: 

■ Gloss Black

■ Gloss White

■ Gloss Clear

■ Satin Black




colorpak plastic Adhesion Promoter

An adhesion promoting primer for all difficult to paint plastic surfaces including polypropylene and polycarbonate. It is suitable for use on all bare plastic parts and is essential in providing adhesion, flexibility and preventing solvent attack on sensitive plastics. Ensure any release agents are cleaned from plastic surface before application. Can be recoated in 2 hrs with lacquers or 2 pack enamels.

Do not sand this primer.



colorpak Polyurethane Clear

A clear spray specifically packed for use on automotive colour test panels. To provide a clear coating over basecoat colour on test cards when colour matching. Not intended for use as a finish topcoat. 



colorpak custom fillable aerosol cans

Custom fillable cans designed specifically for New Zealand lacquer or enamel products. These cans be filled with a quality paint of your own colour and finish choice.

For vehicle repairs:



colorpak Coloursteel colours

A premium full covering, air dry acrylic lacquer for the repair of flashings, guttering, garage doors, fences, and minor roof damage as well as many general applications. For best adhesion to bare metal areas prime with Pro Series Etch Primer.

Available in:

■ Desert Sand

■ Grey Friars

■ Ironsand

■ Karaka

■ Lignite

■ Mist Green

■ New Denim Blue

■ Permanent Green

■ Pioneer Red

■ Rivergum

■ Sandstone Grey

■ Scoria

■ Terracotta

■ Titania


colorpak Quick Color

These fast dry Enamels are premium quality topcoats that provide a tough, durable finish that is resistant to corrosion and weather. They are quick drying and formulated to provide superior colour and gloss. Can be recoated anytime after suitable preparation. Most suitable for: fibreglass, drywall masonry, metal surfaces, sealed plaster, toys and primed wood. They are lead free and nontoxic when dry.

Available in: 

■ Blaze Orange

■ Crystal Blue

■ Electric Yellow

■ Emerald Green

■ Gloss Black

■ Hot Red

■ Matt Black

■ Off White

■ Quick Silver

■ Thunder Grey



colorpak Aerosol Spraygun


■Portable aerosol powered spraygun. Ideal for spraying Water based and Solvent based paints, Metallics, Primers and Hammertones

■ The simple professional way to apply a wide range of liquids in spray form.

■ Also ideal for Two-pack systems (epoxies), Wrinkle finishes, Rust inhibitors, Insecticides, Adhesives and more

■ Power units and liquid containers are easily changed and replacement units are available as extras

■ Depending on the consistency of liquid being sprayed, each power unit will spray up to 500ml of liquid.

■ Replacement Power unit (refill) and Liquid containers also available separately.


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