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We stock the Paint+ range of decorative paints.

Whether you have a new build or renovations and repairs, The Paint+ range has a coating to suit all applications around the house. 

 Paint+ Range

Paint Plus Acryglaze.png


Acrylic Clearcoat

AcryGlaze is a Clear Acrylic Enamel that can be used to enhance and develop colour and texture on a wide range of substrates by using different application techniques. It dries to an exceptionally tough finish.

 Available in Matt, Semi Gloss and Gloss.


Paint Plus Armourguard.png

Paint+ Armourguard

Acrylic Enamel

ArmourGuard® is a revolutionary paint product - combining the toughness of enamel paint with the ease of handling of an acrylic paint. It dries to a tough, waterproof surface, making it perfect for heavy traffic areas and surfaces that need regular cleaning.

Available in Low Sheen, Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss.


Paint Plus Ceiling_Flat.png

Paint+ Ceiling Flat

Acrylic Ceiling Flat

Ceiling Flat is an interior top coat formulated as a dead flat finish exclusively for ceilings. It enhances the finished appearance by minimising the effect of surface imperfections.




Paint Plus Easy_Flow.png

Paint+ Easy Flow

Interior Acrylic 

Easy Flow is an interior wall paint that has been optimised for marking resistance and ease of application. It flows beautifully to produce a high quality smooth finish. Most surface marks may be removed with a soft cloth and a mild liquid detergent solution.


Paint Plus Easy_Sand.png

Paint+ Easy Sand 


Easy Sand is a high build prep coat/sealer that can be applied at high film thicknesses and then sanded to an extremely smooth finish. It is ideal for preparing a high quality finish on interior plaster wall board.


Paint Plus Hi_Build_200.png

Paint+ hibuild 200

Waterproofing Membrane

HiBuild 200 forms a uniform waterproof membrane of up to 200 microns thick per coat on textured and coarse surfaces. It remains flexible and elastic when cured and bridges small cracks, so it is especially suitable for solid plaster substrates. HiBuild 200 can also be used to create fine stipple texturing on smooth surfaces.


Paint Plus Hi_Guard_Satin.png

Paint+ Higuard

Exterior Acrylic

HiGuard is a resilient coating developed to give maximum protection on exposed surfaces. It is designed to make application as effortless as possible and to give even coverage without sagging. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of smooth, angular and textured external surfaces, including corrugated and long-run roofs, weatherboards and concrete block.

 Available in Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss.


 Paint Plus Hi_Guard_Roof.png

Paint+ Higuard roof

Roof Acrylic

HiGuard Roof is 100% acrylic specifically designed for galvanised iron roofs. It is self-priming requiring no sealer or primer. Its sheen level is similar to coil coated steel and gives great depth to colours.


Paint Plus Quick_Prep.png

Paint+ quick Prep

Multi Purpose Undercoat

Quick Prep is primarily designed for timber substrates where a high quality finish is required such as doors and window trim. It is suitable both for interior and exterior applications. Quick Prep dries to a smooth finish that sands readily if required.


Paint Plus Ultra_Matt.png

Paint+ Ultra Matt

Washable Acrylic Ceiling Flat 

Ultra Matt is an interior ceiling paint that has unique qualities. It is self-priming which means no primer or sealer may be required if the surface is of good smooth finish. It is remarkably tough for a flat paint; resists marking, film damage and is cleanable. The tough film properties means it may be used as a wall finish in non service areas where a matt finish is desired.


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