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Car Care


Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax

Flash is a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium, natural Carnauba wax and DuPont Zonyl®.

This easy-to-apply product dries quickly and comes off easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss. When you need a great finish in a hurry, get it done fast with Flash!



Pacer Grape Wash

GrapeWash car wash is formulated to quickly and easily wash and shine your car.



Cleaning Sponges

Available in Medium and Jumbo Sizes



CRC Auto Tyre Black

CRC Tyre Black quickly and effectively revives tyres, black rubber, car mats and mud flaps. One application restores your tyres appearance to a shiny deep rich colour, while the water resistant polymers keep tyres looking like new for longer. CRC Tyre Black is the final touch to detailing a car's exterior. It is water resistant and long lasting.



CRC Tyre Cleaner Aerosol

CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner cleans, protects and shines tyres in one easy step, leaving a rich satin finish. Simply spray CRC So Easy Tyre Cleaner directly onto tyres – no rinsing, wiping or rubbing is required. The non-acid foaming formula quickly penetrates into the rubber, lifting and releasing dirt and road grime. The protective layer prevents surface cracking and discolouration. Within minutes tyres will look rejuvenated.



CRC Liquid Cut & Polish

CRC Liquid Cut & Polish rejuvenates dull or faded paintwork, restoring it to a deep rich gloss and shine. Micro fine abrasives are combined with premium carnauba wax and silicones to safely & easily remove surface imperfections such as scuffs, light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, stains and paint defects on all paint surfaces. No hard rubbing is required



CRC Re-Po Tiger Cutting Compound

CRC REPO Tiger Cut is an all-purpose, non-silicone compound used for compounding and polishing acrylic lacquers and baked enamel finishes. It eliminates orange peel and other surface imperfections. CRC REPO Tiger Cut restores gloss to chalked or dull surfaces.



3m 05738 Perfect-it foam Polishing Pad

High Performance Single Sided Black Foam Polishing Pad. Removes compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects. Unique inset design.


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