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Body fillers


Evercoat Z-grip Bodyfiller

An advanced, clog-free, lightweight body filler for today’s high tech metals. Formulated with ZNX-7 for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel and aluminum. Part of the MetalWorks System that honors the OEM corrosion warranty. Contains Hattonite for effortless sanding.



NewTech Repairer

Newtech Repairer is a polyester-based glass-fibre paste and hardener. The paste and hardener are supplied separately, and once mixed it becomes a user-friendly filler which is ideal to repair damaged alloy, metal, masonry, stone, aluminium and fibreglass parts fast. It contains rust inhibitor, aluminium and fibreglass strands which provide excellent bridging properties and reduce sagging. No need to weld-in patches.
Newtech Repairer moulds like putty and can set hard within minutes.
Through curing stages and can be wiped off, spread by putty knife, shaped and cut while it cures, and it will result in a hard sandable surface when completely cured. Then it can be painted. Once hardened, you can file, sand, saw, drill, machine, tap, paint, nail and screw into it! Ideal for repairing rust.



CRC Cyclone Body Filler

CRC Cyclone Body Panel and Dent Filler is a high grade polyester based cream filler suitable for many applications. It is ideal for repairing damage to steel, aluminium and fiberglass panels.
CRC Cyclone Fillers unique formula upon hardening offers a tack free finish that will not clog sandpaper. This makes sanding easier and quicker. In normal conditions when mixed in right proportions, CRC Cyclone Auto Filler will gel in 8-10 minutes and full harden ready to finish within 10-20 minutes depending on the ambient temperature. 



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