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From DIY through to the most detailed custom jobs, we carry a range of Automotive paints to suit any job.


PPg Dulon

PPG's Dulon range is for the DIY'er or the professional. It is an acrylic lacquer system and is available in most car manufacturer's colours. It has within its range all the primers, fillers, thinners and clearcoats.



PPG Deltron

The DELTRON Global Refinish System offers the latest coating technology from Europe, North America and Australasia to meet the needs of quality-minded, high-production shops. It is PPG's premier refinish system.
As an integrated system, Global is comprised of a single range of tinters to provide the full range of automotive colours for basecoat and direct gloss applications. Global BC delivers solid colour, pearlescent and metallic basecoats. Global DG is a 2K direct gloss acrylic urethane.



PPG Envirobase

ENVIROBASE High Performance system is the leading most advanced waterborne paint system in the world. Delivering everything high-production collision centers need, the Envirobase High Performance waterborne system achieves outstanding color match for today’s OEM finishes and provides easy to use products for improved cycle times.



PPG Vibrance Collection

Vibrance Collection offerings have been carefully crafted to work seamlessly with all of our premium quality solvent and waterborne topcoat systems. By staying within one paint system from primer to topcoat, you can be confident knowing you’ll have the bold colors, dazzling effects and outstanding durability that can only come from PPG.



PPG 2k Cobra

The 2K Cobra paint system has been a highly respected performer in the local refinish industry.  A series of refinements and upgrades over the years have seen it reinforce and stengthen its position as an economical and durable refinish solution that really works in Australasian conditions. Today 2K Cobra customers benefit from a streamlined paint system that features advanced product formulations in clearcoats, hardeners and primers.  Together they combine to make this the most versatile, user-friendly and productive 2K Cobra system yet!




POR 15 Rust Preventive Paint stops rust and corrosion permanently. It's surface tolerant characteristics means it loves corroded and porous surfaces like rust, corroded aluminium, sandblasted surfaces, fibreglass and even concrete. It will seal them with with a ceramic like, rock hard finish that won't crack, chip or peel.POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint stops rust and corrosion permanently. Paint on by hand, cures through the process of solvent evaporation through pores(that's why you can smell a paint job for weeks). Those same pores allow microscopic amounts of air and moisture to gradually reach the surface of the painted metal.


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